about us

Jeylan Jeylan the Director of Alleyns London, set up her business in 2009. Having lived in Dulwich for over 20 years and knocked on over 500 doors, she learnt that most people on every street either had a cleaner or was looking for one, so this inspired her to set up Alleyns cleaning Company using a renown Dulwich name.

Jeylan started the business to give her the flexibility to work from home and raise her family. What came to her surprise was, how fast the business expanded through recommendations via word of mouth. Meaning in some cases, we were servicing four properties on one road. The company grew fast and was proving to provide a consistent service and great reputation.

Alleyns Cleaning strongly believe the key foundation to achieving this is:

Our reputation has been built on catering to all our clients needs and paying great attention to detail. We take pride in our work and we consider it our duty to not only clean your property but to take care of it - our moto "your business is our business".  

We strive to take the weight off our clients shoulders, giving you one less thing to worry about .

We have established a reliable, trustworthy and friendly team. Our staff are reference checked and trained on abilities to clean to our standards. Alleyns believe it is important to take care of our staff offering flexible hours, temporary and permanent positions, opportunities suitable for working mothers and offer a good salary plus bonuses for recommendations.

We believe the secret to keeping a sustainable business and contracts is to ensure both Staff and Client are happy, as both are just as important.